Lila Payne

Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

The elephant is crocheted all-in-one like. It doesn’t have any stitched to it details. Of course, some details are crocheted separately. These are, for example, legs, ears and trunk. However, later on, they are all connected into one article with the help of a crochet. You won’t need a needle here.

So, let’s start with some details: firstly you need to crochet 4 legs of your elephant. This is done the following way.

Then, you crochet the belly of your elephant.

You connect the belly with the legs with the help of a crochet. You make single crochets.

Then, you crochet ears.

After that, you crochet the trunk of your elephant.

Using legs as the base, we make the body of the elephant. Here, we also crochet the trunk and tail to the article.

Make some more rows and add ears to the article.

There is only one small thing left: to stuff the article with filler and cast off.

Now, we get to the most interesting part of our work: we wrap the trunk, stitch the eyes to the article (if you didn’t use safety eyes for amigurami).

That’s all! Amigurami elephant is ready!


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