Leilani Chapman

Crochet Fingerless Gloves

You can crochet fingerless gloves in 2 threads.

Collect 18 chain stitches and crochet them in a ring. If you have a wide hand, collect more stitches. Try on the gloves from time to time. The thinner the thread, the more stitches you have to collect.

Crochet 2-3 cm to the inner base of the thumb and collect chain stitches. Try it on – you should have enough stitches to cover your thumb.

When you collected all the chain stitches, continue to crochet without skipping the stitches, so the hole will be neat.

Gradually diminish the stitches and try the gloves on. It is impossible to say exactly how many stitches you have to diminish, because everyone has its own hand size. You can crochet narrow gloves, so they will nicely wrap around your hand.

You can also leave a hole for the thumb (as it is shown in the previous photo) or crochet it with 1 or 2 rows.


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