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Crochet Crop Top

If you are crocheting diagonally, your article will be a real tight fit. In the end of the work, you are able to adjust an armhole (if you made a mistake earlier) so that it won’t be noticed and, finally, V-like neckline and a dress with an article with an open back looks very beautiful!


Yarn: YarnArt Summer (70% cotton, 30% viscose), 350 m. /100g. Crochet № 2,7 and 2,5.

1. First, we crochet the upper part.

We crochet the neck part. You need to crochet the straps in circles and make them of a necessary thickness. The row starts from the area of a shoulder. We make a chain of even chain stitches. There should be a number of chain stitches that is equal to the necessary size of the neck part. We connect it in a circle. We have 224 chain stitches = There are 111 chain stitches for each strap of the article and 1 chain stitch in each strap for the “corner” in the back and in the front. We crochet according to the scheme. The front and the back side are crocheted the same way.

2. We crochet the breast line.

We’ll be crocheting the front side of the top by turning our article. We fasten the thread having counted approximately 2/3 from the center of the article, maybe a little bit more. The depth of the armhole depends on it. However, once our work is nearly finished, we’ll be able to make some corrections here. We fasten the thread on the place where a cross is. We crochet according to our pattern.

We crochet the back side the same way. We crochet the back and the front side by turning the article until the width of the back and of the front side together won’t be equal to the breast girth. On this stage, you’d better try on the article. We need to connect the back and the front side once we are working on the last row. In order to do it we need to crochet the side junction according to the following scheme:

The Photo Of The Side Junction

We make turning stitch chains in the side junction on purpose. This way the junction won’t be seen when you look at the top from the front side.

We have a bunch of 3 crochets in the side row. The second side junction is crocheted according to the scheme. It consists of 3 double crochets that have a shared top.

3. We crochet the waist line.

Go on crocheting the top in circles forming the central line of the top and the side junction. Here you may start using a smaller crochet so that to close-fit it a bit. Once you finish with the waist line, you may use the previous crochet ince again.

4. We fill in the half-crocheted “corners”.

Having crocheted the top of the necessary length, in other words, once the corners on the front and back sides reach the necessary length, we need to cut off the thread and start crocheting the corners on the both sides of the article. We do it according to the scheme given below. We start the row with 3 chain stitches and finish it with a double crochet. Then, we turn the article and crochet backwords the same way.

5. Correction of the armholes.

If after you have tried the article on you have found out that the armhole is a bit bigger than it should be, fasten the thread the way you did it earlier on the second stage and crochet the necessary number of rows with blocks. Do not forget to turn the article.

6. Crocheting the edge.

We crochet the neck area and the armholes with picot that consists of 3 chain stitches that are located over each crochet of the blocks net. This is a beautiful top we’ll have.


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