Jessica Weaver

Crochet Shirt

We’ll need:

  • a crochet № 1,3;
  • yarn.

Symbols and abbreviations used in the scheme:

  • CH- chain stitch;
  • DC – a double crochet;
  • SC – a single crochet.

The main pattern – a net consisting of 1 dc and 2 ch

We’ll crochet the shirt from down to up. In the beginning, we need to make a chain of 241 stitches (80 squares). You need to crochet 23 cm up (in our case, there were 41 rows).

Starting from the 42nd one, we will separately crochet the details of the back and the front sides. In order to do it we need to divide our article:

  • 16 squares –the front panel;
  • counting 1 square 2 times – armholes;
  • 46 loops – the back side.

The Front Panel


  • The 42nd row – crochet 15 squares, we slip the 16th one (the way it is shown on the picture)
  • The 43rd row – we slip, 14 squares;
  • The rows from the 44th to the 53rd – (10 rows). We crochet them without slipping – 14 squares.

Starting from the next row, we slip from the opposite side. This is for the neckline:

  • The 54th row – slipping, 13 squares;
  • The 55th row – 12 squares, slipping;
  • The 56th row – slipping, 11 squares;
  • The 57th row – 10 squares, slipping;
  • The rows from the 58th to the 60th – no slipping (10 squares).

Cut off the thread. We crochet the second front panel symmetrically.

The Back Side

Do not forget to make a step of 1 square from the front panel.

  • The 42nd row – slipping, 44 squares, slipping;
  • The 43rd row – slipping, 42 squares, slipping;
  • The rows from the 44th to the 58th – (15 rows) – we crochet without slipping (42 squares).

Next, we crochet separately:

  • The 59th row – 11 squares, slipping. Turn the article;
  • The 60th row – slipping, 10 squares. Cut off the thread.

Crochet symmetrically the last 2 rows on the opposite side

Here is what we have

Let’s start working on the front side. We need to add 14 squares that are missing.

In order to do it we crochet the edges of the front panels:

The 1st row – SC along the face side of the article;

The 2nd row – we crochet the row with a relief ornamented band pattern. We may simply crochet DC.

We take the thread of a different colour

  • The 3rd row – SC;
  • The 4th row – a row of a relief ornamented band pattern;
  • The 5th row – SC;

We crochet the next 4 rows with the main colour. We crochet a net of blocks: 1 DC, 1 CH.

We need to do the same on the opposite side. Here is what you should have.

Now, we need to connect these 2 details together. We did it according to the following scheme:

Here is what we have.

Let’s crochet the bottom of the shirt and the neckline with 2 rows of single crochet rows.


Crochet 10 rows with the main pattern. Crochet them also with 2 rows of single crochets.

To make a contrast we’ll make a chain-stitch junction of a different edges along the edges of the article.

Our shirt is ready!


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