Athena Hoffman

Crochet Basket Pattern

1. Determine the size and the shape of your basket.

If the bottom of the basket will be round, use the ring rule (increase by 6 crochets in each row). Start single crochet until the basket’s bottom is necessary size.

You can also make a square or a rectangular bottom. If you are afraid to miscalculate the bottom’s size make a pattern. While crocheting, compare your knitting’s size with the pattern. Single crochet the basket’s bottom. In my version, it is rectangle.

The bottom is finished.

2. Proceed to crocheting the basket’s sides. To crochet the sides use single crochet stitch (make no increases if your basket has a round shape). Crochet through both front and back loops:

Start each row with chain stitch. Mark the beginning of the row in order not to mix up the beginning and the end while crocheting (I use a pin for this purpose).

3. Single crochet through both loops for few rows, then single crochet one row through back loops.

Thus, you will create the first pattern. It is about 1/3 the height of the basket.

4. Continue to single crochet through both loops for few rows.

5. Cross double crochet the next row, to turn the work make three turning chains.

6. Single crochet through both loops the next row.

7. Single crochet through the back loop the next row.

8. Single crochet through both loops the next 2-3 rows.

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8.

10. Now, let’s crochet the basket’s handles.

Determine the center of the two basket’s opposite sides and count the same number of stitches from the center in both directions. It’s important to make comfortable handles to hold the basket.

For example, if you have left 10 stitches for a handle, crochet 10+2=12 chains.

11. Single crochet both sides. You can make more crochets over the chains.

12. Single crochet through both loops the next 1-2 rows.

13. Make crab stitches (reverse single crochet stitch) around the basket.

14. Decorate the basket. Make a braid of chain loops. Insert one end of the braid into a corner and sew the braid around the basket using matching yarn.

The basket is finished!


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