Emerson Hart

Crochet Baby Shoes

You will need:

  • cotton yarn of white (150 m/50 g) and brown colors (169 m/50 g);
  • 2 buttons with legs;
  • a hook No. 2.

Row 1. 5 double crochet (dc) in the fourth stitch from the hook, then 10 dc.

Row 2. 3 turning chains + 1dc in the same stitch. Then double crochet 5 stitches in the same stitch.

Row 3. 3 turning chains + 1 dc in the same stitch, then crochet alternating 1 dc and 2 single crochets (sc).

Row 4. 3 turning chains + 1 dc in the same stitch, 2 sc.

Row 5. 3 turning chains + 1 dc in the same stitch, 3 sc.

You have crocheted the sole. If you need to make it larger, increase the number of dc between the 2 dc in one stitch in the previous row.

When the sole is finished, start crocheting the shoe’s sides. Crochet one round in back post double crochet stitch for one round without any increases, and then crochet another round in half double crochet stitch. Crochet the next row using brown yarn in single crochet stitch without any increases. Then crochet another 2 rounds with white yarn in half double crochet stitch.

Now let’s crochet the toe. To do this, highlight the central 23 stitches from the narrow side. For this purpose, you can use a contrasting thread, paper clips or special stitch markers. Use back post double crochet stitch to crochet the transition row from the sides to the toe.

Now attach the brown thread. Fasten it as shown on the photo, between two extreme crochets on the nose. Half double crochet till the nose on the other side. 8-9 rows are enough to crochet 9cm of the baby shoe’s sole. Fasten the thread, cut it off and hide.

Now proceed to crocheting the shoe tongue. Use brown yarn. We have already made the necessary preparation by single crocheting around the nose. Now, crochet back and forth in half double crochet stitch, the tongue should be slightly longer than the sides. That is why you will have to add 3-4 extra rows.

The next step is crocheting around. Take brown yarn and crochet one row in single crochet stitch around the sides and the tongue, it will make the edge between them smoother. Use white yarn to single crochet the next row. The shoe is finished. You can use some decorations, if you wish.


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