Everly Fernandez

Crochet Afghans

Today our lesson on crocheting for beginners is devoted to a more complicated pattern – “Zigzag”. People usually call it an afghan pattern because with the help of it “afghans” are crocheted. In Russia, they are plaids.

Since in this pattern various colours of threads are combined, it means that you may make your plaid be of unbelievably beautiful colours. Of course, such a pattern can also be used on clothes. For example, skirts with it look particularly beautiful. If you wish, you may make zigzag wider by gradually adding new crochets.

In order to make this pattern, at first, you need to make a chain of chain stitches. The number of chain stitches should be enough to divide it in 9. Then, 1 turning chain crochet. In the first row, you crochet SC so that after each 10 loops you can crochet 3 single crochets in one loop.

The crocheting of the 2nd and the 3rd rows is a bit more complicated. Now, we need to crochet 2 single crochets in the back half of the loop. We do it after each 5 loops. Then, we get 2 loops at the base through the next 5 loops.

We crochet the 4th row according to the same scheme but with trible treple crochets. However, since these crochets are higher, we form zigzag trough 3 crochets at the base and in the lower part of the zigzags, we miss 4 loops instead of 2. We crochet using threads of different colours so that the pattern became picturesque.

The scheme of the pattern approximately looks the following way. The pattern is a relief one because the crochets are crocheted through the half-loops.


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