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Valentine's Day Wreaths

A door is not only a protection from draughts and an entrance to a house, it is also a nice platform for creativity. In this case, it is not only a protection from draughts and an entrance to the house, but also a nice platform for creativity. In this particular situation, it is a platform for making a decorative Valentine's Day wreath. To make such handmade door wreath, you will need a little patience and some simple tools.

  • Sewing machine (optional);
  • Threads and needle;
  • Thick knitting thread;
  • Large eye needle;
  • Hook or knitting needles;
  • Synthetic winterizer or any other filler;
  • Thick cardboard;
  • Thermoglue;
  • Thick fabric of different colors;
  • Garment-lining fabric;
  • Band;
  • Beads;
  • Thin twigs;
  • Colored paper or thin colored cardboard;
  • Figured punches, which you can use for making small hearts or other tiny shapes;
  • The aforementioned materials may vary depending on what you want your wreath to look like.

Door Wreath Basis

1. Firstly, cut a 100 cm long and 16-18 cm wide stripe out of the garment-lining.

2. Now fold it in half lengthwise and stitch the seam manually or using sewing machine, so that you get a kind of a tube. Leave the tube ends non-sewn.

3. Turn the workpiece inside out and fill densely with the filler from both sides, using a ruler to help you tramp the filler down. You get something like a sausage.

4. Connect the sausage endings and sew them together manually.

5. As you can see, the workpiece does not keep its shape at all, so, you need to cut a ring from the thick cardboard with the diameter of about 30 cm. The edges of this ring should be about 2 cm.

6. Now glue tgis sausage to the thick cardboard with thermoglue.

A basis for the door wreath is ready. Now you only have to decorate it nicely to give it a holiday look.

Decorating The Valentine's Day Door Wreath

1. First, wrap the basis for the wreath in fabric. To do it, cut it in stripes, 5 cm wide and a meter long each. You will need 5 such stripes.

2. Then glue the end of a stripe to the back side of the wreath basis and start winding it around slightly diagonally. When the stripe ends, fix the end and glue the next one.

Thus you get a neat and almost perfect circle.

3. Now, take the band. You can choose a simple cotton band of creamy color. You will need about 1.5-2 m of it. Similarly, glue it to the back side of the door wreath basis and start winding it around the ring.

Wind it in the direction opposite to the one you chose for the fabric stripes. Finish with gluing it to the back side.

4. After you are done with the primary decorations, get down to decorating it with hearts, flowers, twigs and beads.

5. Glue hearts and flowers with thermoglue.

6. You may add short willow twigs with small cardboard hearts and cupids to the wreath decoration. Take figured punches, red paper or thin cardboard and press out about 10 pieces.

7. Glue these paper figures to the twigs to make a small bouquet.

8. Now glue the prepared twigs to the wreath with the same thermoglue.

9. Now you only need to make a loop for hanging the wreath and glue red beads. You may knit the loop with a hook, for example, using red thread. It is simple and you can easily do it.

10. Finish the decoration with red beads.

Valentine's Day door wreath is ready.


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