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Rope Сoil Baskets Tutorial

If you want to sit something from decorations, this post will help you to diy as a fun.

You will need
  • - cotton rope (any thickness you like)
  • - scissors
  • - embroidery floss, choose the colors you want
  • - a large needle

I like this project, because you can choose any color you want. Just because every color will be greatly passing to the cotton rope (it should be white). Once you've learned the technique off making a rope coil basket, you can make any shapeIt is very super-practical home decor and make a lovely gift too.

Begin with making a crocheted magic ring. You should gather a cotton rope( I prefer 1 inch size) and line up the ends.

Starting about 3 cm from the end, take embroidery floss, put in a large needle and wind it tightly around the ends of the bunch. 

You can make your stitches random. Don't forget "you are an artist of your work", you can do it as you want. It is really relaxing and very meditative. Just don't forget what is your final goal - a vase, a basket . 

Holding the spiral in the place with one hand pass the threaded needle up through the central hole in the spiral. Pass the needle over the top of base cotton rope and back up through the central hole. 
Continue stitching, cooling and twisting the cotton rope.

You can change colors as you wish. Take a needle underneath the coil base and knot it around another stitch.

For the first round all stitches will wrap around both pieces. You should create a base and a new coil. When you are ok with a color of embroidery floss for the next part, make sure at least every second stitch passes through the rope in the first round. The base have to be tight but don't pay much  attention to the color. Continue stitching, than cut the rope off on an angle so it tapers off. To finish off knot the thread around a stitch and run the thread between the pieces of rope below. Cut the thread off making sure the end is not visible.

You can use different methods, stitches, colors, just be sure it will pass to your design. If you are going to pass it your friend, be ready to ask either she likes such details. Happy crafting;) 

Photo examples by We Are Scout


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