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The Thankful Tree (tutorial)

Thanksgiving is coming! It’s the day of family unity and positive emotions and memories that you create together. This Thankful Tree will be a wonderful part of your home décor for the holiday and an awesome gift to the family. So, let’s learn how to make it.

Only few special materials are needeed for this artwork. It's a very cool project, because you can use the materials from your own garden and won't get fake. The appearance of the Thankful Tree is all about your preferences.

Here they are:

  1. Tree Branches
  2. Casting Plaster
  3. Paper Mache Box
  4. Masking Tape
  5. Green Moss
  6. Neutral Ribbon
  7. Silk Fall Leaves
  8. Mini Wooden Clothespins

Find branches for your tree. Choose any color, size, appearance you prefer. Number differs too. Try to create a not very big beautiful bundle. Trim them and fix together with a thin rope or yarn.

Also trim the bottom of the bundle so it is even. After that mix up your casting plaster (I heard it named 'plaster of Paris') as it's said in the instuction. Plaster is quite solid after drying, that's why we use it. 

Once the plaster has got to a smooth consistency, put it attentively to the paper mache box.

Next place the branches there, in the center. Make sure they are fixed well to stay in the same position (forever lol). Use any known by you methods to secure the bundle till plaster is hardened, it's very important here. Perhaps you'll need some additional objects.

Then it's time to decorate the tree. That's all about your fantasy! Using a hot glue, you may place some green moss or artificial grass on the base.

Think where you want to make the 'front side' of your beautiful gift. Put a neutral bow on the branches where the front is.

Black canvas will look amazing here as well.

Add to the tree your family's photos where you are together and enjoy remembering those happy moments with your loved ones! Don't glue the decoratiins, so you are able to change them and transform the tree according to another seasonal holiday. In winter there will be snowflakes, stribbons and toys. On Easter there could be eggs and flowers.

Take mini clothepins and use them while decorating the tree.

Nice idea is to ask your family members to add to the tree small tags with things they are thankful for. Now it's a kind of a wishing tree, and that's sooo cute!

Thanks for reading! Hope this idea will make your fall warmer, anywhere you are :) Have a perfect Thanksgiving day!

Thankful for photos to Shaunte


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