Anime Female's Face Tutorial

Hi everyone.

Anime is an animation drawn by hand or on the computer that came to us from Japan. It is very popular nowadays all around the world. Comics, movies, diverse varieties of accessories and clothes all of this is available for people to get. The best thing for anime lovers is its characters such as Naruto, Goku, Astro Boy and others. Anime fans have a passion to draw the characters they love and create their own as well. If you are the one of those people today we are going to learn how to draw anime girl’s face.

So let’s start.

Step 1
Draw a circle it is going to be girl’s head. It must me flat but don’t worry if it is a little uneven, we will fix it later.

Step 2
Now divide a head into two parts. Draw a line in the middle. The girl is slightly inclined to the side in this tutorial so the line is inclined as well.

Step 3
Making a face shape. Connect the middle line ending and the circle sides with lines as shown on the picture.

Step 4
Now we are placing eyes, nose and a mouth. Erase the middle line and two lines in the area where eyes are going to be. Place nose and lips as well. Remember, it is just an adjustment for now.

Step 5
In the marked areas draw the very big eyes and a very small mouth for your anime girl. Draw a nose with two little dots.

Step 6
Now the girl is getting her hair and neck. It is not necessary to draw detailed hair at the moment, just make a shape and draw a few separate strands.

Step 7
Time to concentrate on the hair. Draw more stands and curls on the girl’s head and shoulders.

Step 8
Here we are going to draw a neck and shoulders more detailed. Draw a nice dress or blouse as well.

Step 9
Back to the eyes. Draw eye pupils, it is very important to draw a reflection of the light for the picture to look realistic. Draw eyelashes and some hair on your girl’s eyebrows.

Draw shades on the head, neck and armpits. The hair needs some shading as well.

Now when your drawing is finished feel free to share it with your friends! Hope you liked this tutorial. 



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