Jasmine Fisher

Origami Bunny

You can do anything you wish out of a tiny square of paper. It’s the fundamental truth familiar even to origami beginners. Some people like making paper birds, the others-folding flowers. Animal lovers will like this little origami rabbit (see the diagram below).

The square should be small in size. It’s better to use thin paper.

Fold the sheet diagonal-wise.

Fold both upper corners, bringing all the three triangle’s corners at one point.

Fold two lower later sides to the center crease.

Pull the corners down, smooth the creases.

Pull out and flatten the pockets.

Fold it lengthwise.

Pull the angle down.

Do the same on the reverse side. Check the result.

Shape the ears. Fold the corners lengthwise.

Turn the craft ears up. Open the snout’s angle.

Pull it out.

Outline the tail’s crease line.

Pull the tail inwards, transform the crease line into the “mountains”, and then pull out the small angle.

Pull inwards the tip of the snout. Puff the ears out to make them look more expressive. The rabbit is ready! Don't like glamorous bunnies? Then, take a look at the brutal paper parrot.

For better understanding the process of making an origami rabbit, see the video tutorial.


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