Eden Gordon

How To Strip Furniture

Studying the technology how to remove varnish from the wooden furniture, you will certainly like how an old piece of furniture may turn into a new one. In case of some types of furniture, you can save it by changing the varnish covering, give it away, leave it among the other rubbish, or just get rid of it. Just like that furniture that is already about to turn into the firewood. The process will take a lot of time and effort, but the result will be astonishing amd you will obtain some new skills that you can brag about.

Remove The Old Varnishing

1. Move the piece of furniture into a well-ventilated room. This job can be done in a workroom, garage or outdoors if the weather is fine. Protect the work space. Spread something that will protect the surface of the work space from stains and damage.

2. Use a varnish remover. Apply it with a brush to the surface as evenly as possible. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes, so it can make the varnish softer. Watch the time. If the varnish remover gets too dry it will be hard to remove it. Varnish removers may be in form of liquid, gel or paste. Liquid ones are only good for horizontal surface. Therefore, you’d better use the thick ones for vertical surface.

3. Remove the varnish. Use a plastic scraper when the time comes. The key is to use the plastic scraper because the metal one will scratch the surface. Remove as much varnish as you can. If it doesn’t go off apply some more remover. Repeat if necessary.

4. Sandpaper the wooden surface along the texture. If there are spots of different color they will go off very quickly.


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