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How To Clean Suede Furniture

A suede sofa looks elegant and sophisticated only if it’s clean and tidy. Regular care and cleaning will help you as well vacuuming. If your sofa is new and quite clean, you can treat it with some anti-stain products that you can buy at the local household store. For old and dirty sofas a more thorough cleaning is required. You can apply the means described in this article.

Weekly Cleaning

1. Take the pillows off the sofa every week or so. This will make it easier to clean the crumbs, pieces of paper and other sweeps.

2. Use a vacuum to clean the sweeps, dust and pet dander that you can’t clean without it or you just can’t see.

3. Brush the pillow or wipe it with a terry towel. Make sure that there’s no more dust or sweeps at the back sides of the pillows.

4. Replace the pillows. Some sofas have spare pillows that are of the same shape and size. It is also a good idea to turn the pillows from time to time in order to make fabric wear evenly.

5. Clean the surface with a pile brush at least once a week. That’s how you can easily remove the dust from the folds. Use a brush or a piece of cloth for suede that you can buy at the show stores that also do furniture cleaning and repairing.

Monthly Cleaning

1. Take off the pillows the way you do it weekly. Put them on the clean surface.

2. Vacuum and clean every pillow moving the brush crosswise in order to clean any sweeps from suede folds.

3. Clean the rest of the sofa’s surface the same way. Start from the arms of the sofa and move to its legs.

4. Brush and rub the pile of the sofa or use a piece of cloth for suede in order to polish the upholstery and make it shine.

5. Repeat the same thing to all the pillows. Make sure you clean the pillows all around in order to get rid of all the dust and pet hair.

6. Replace the pillows. Turn them if needed in order to make the fabric wear evenly.

Remove Stains

1. Rub the stain with a brush for suede or a polishing cloth in order to prepare the spot for the process. Clean the dust and sweeps.

2. Moisten the terry cloth with white vinegar or a spirit and wipe the sofa carefully. Do it cautiously and don’t soak up the stain too much.

3. Rub the stain carefully to remove it. Don’t do harsh circular motion it can affect the pile. Rub it crosswise instead.


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