Abigail Garcia

How To Draw Scenery

The image of nature represents several objects located on a single sheet of paper. First, you should think about what you are going to draw, select the location of large pieces: the horizon, forest boundary, sea, etc., and then begin to draw independent objects.
Let’s take a close look at the objects that artists like to paint together and separately.

How To Draw A Beach In Pencil

First, draw the contours of the horizon, the coast, coastal rocks, and then the waves in the sea. If they are not numerous they will look smooth. Then shade the rocks’ contours and the horizon, then rub them with hard eraser and strongly darken coastal boulders. Here you can apply your knowledge on how to draw the sun in pencil. It is pretty simple - first draw a circle. Then draw direct rays located at equal interval from each other. First draw rare rays, then repeat the lines between them several times until you reach the desired number. Near the sun, you can stroke small clouds and rub them with a paper or an eraser, too. Draw a tree on the seashore.

How To Draw A Forest In Pencil

To start with, draw the horizon and the path, if there is any. After tracing the main contours, go on with the trees that are close and continue with those that are far. Moreover, if they are far away, you may draw only crowns. First, draw the trunks and then the tops. It is not necessary to go in detail. It’s enough to draw shadows stroking right places and shading them with a piece of paper.


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