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How To Make A Fake Beard

Sometimes you just need to get a beard! For example, if you perform a role in a play or entertain kids at a party as Santa Claus. Moreover, who said that Santa Claus’ beard must be white? Of course, nowadays you can buy whatever you wish in a store. Nevertheless, this tutorial is for those who are not looking for easy ways and prefer to do everything themselves! You can make a similar thick beard with your own hands!

We will need a simple dust mask, tow (available in a hardware store), white craft glue, a viscose cloth.

You can see on the photo an actor performing the Shepard’s role in a play. Elastics attached to his beard are hidden under his headwear (it’s a towel). Take your dust mask and make holes for your mouth. Try it on to make sure that you can deliberately open your mouth and speak.

You will have to cut off the dust mask’s nose. The photo below: the dust mask inside out.

Take a little bit of tow and glue it to the dust mask. The upper part will make a mustache, the lower- a beard. If necessary, trim the dust mask so that the beard looks natural on your face.

And here is the finished DIY beard inside out. As you can see, at the bottom the beard is secured with a thick viscose cloth, which is often used as rag. This is done to make sure that the beard is well attached to the dust mask and to prevent it from spreading.

The elastics attached to the dust mask will show up, so you need to hide them somehow. The Shepard on the photo has them masked by his cloak, while the Sage has them covered with tow. This made their beards larger- they cover their cheeks.

Using these simple steps, you can make a fake beard.


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