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How To Make Russian Nesting Dolls

Did you know that a well known matryoshka (Russian nesting doll) can be made not only from wood but also from cardboard and fabric? And that you can do it yourself? In this areticle you will learn how to do that.

How To Make Matryoskha Tutorial

You will need:

  • A large piece of felt (21x30 cm): your main color;
  • Small pieces of felt (black/brown) for hair and other little parts;
  • White fabric for face (cotton/linen);
  • Embroidery hoop;
  • Acrylic colors and brush;
  • Scraps of ribbon, lace, and buttons for decoration;
  • Stuffing (holofiber/sintepon);
  • Embroidery floss: different colors;
  • Scissors and needle.

Fold the fabric and cut out the matryoshka’s hood using the pattern. Don’t forget to leave 5 mm seam allowance.

Pin the semicircle face pattern to the hood and cut it out.

Cut out two body parts from folded fabric and the back of the hood.

Secure white fabric in the embroidery hoop, pin the front of the hood and straight stitch the inner outline with white thread.

Cut out the matryoshka’s hair and stitch it to the upper part of the face with matching thread.

Take off the embroidery hoop and cut off the extra fabric, leaving a 5-7 mm extra bit.

Straight stitch the frontal headpiece to the body with white thread.

Decorate the front side of matryoshka with felt bits, a leaf-shaped bow and a button, and the back body piece with a double heart.

Place the both body pieces with the frontal parts together, making sure the hood pieces match together neatly. Pin them together and sew on machine, leaving a 5-milimeter bit and open bottom.

Make tiny cuts using scissors in the round parts and turn your matryoshka inside out.

Stuff your doll and stitch it up.

Draw her face details with acrylic colors.

Your matryoshka is ready!

You can decorate your matryoshka any way you like. If you make a few dolls of different sizes, you can make a pocket on the largest of them to put your matryoskas inside, just like a real wooden ones do!


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