Mila Cox

How To Make A Fort

1. Ask permission of your parents. Let them know what things you will use for your fort. Be sure you have enough stocks before beginning. You can use sofas, chairs, blankets, pillows, sheets, baskets (to make an entrance) or even to put Playmat on the top part of a basket. Wide layers of a cardboard can be useful to help strengthen the structure.

2. Choose area which where you can make big disorder. You can keep your fortress for several days or, perhaps, all in an hour of driving, but nevertheless, don't make it in the middle of a brisk hall and don't use objects that someone in the house, perhaps, needs to use before your fortress is demolished.

3. Collect several chairs and big sheets or an simple blanket. It is also possible to use a back sofa, tables, or any other furniture which is simple in use. Also there are small places which you can construct a fort. At the end of your bed you can make a tent. The main idea to look for places which may contain also blankets. Also don't make your fortress near the socket, because of the danger of fire/electric current. If you need light inside, using a flashlight gives you a pleasure and more safety, than a lamp!

4. Put chairs in a big circle. You don't want them to fall upon you.

5. Use pins, elastic bands, clips pegs or a paper clip (the more the better!) for connection of a sheet and a blanket together that sheets of paper don't drop out. Use of an elastic band to connect a blanket to chairs is also a good way to hold them suspended where you want them.

6. Drape sheets and blankets over chairs. Don't put a blanket on edge of a chair or they will drop out. Use elastic bands or clothespegs to hold blankets on if it is necessary for you. If it looks good enough, keep it as it is.

7. Create a door. So you could enter and leave easily without tearing it apart.

  • Leave an opening on lateral face of fortress for a door. If there is no room to leave an opening, for you, perhaps, it is necessary to make room for a door.
  • Leave an opening in forward and back part of your fort for an entrance and an exit.

8. Place books or heavy objects at the edges of a sheet and a blanket to hold them on that they don't bend and fall.

9. Add a blanket and several pillows inside to sit on. Take a DVD or an MP3 player, or something interesting to do and enjoy comfort of your own fort.

10. Invite a friend to join you if your fort is big enough. Have some snack and play games inside.


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