Paris Davidson

How To Make A Cottony Snowman

A snowman is one of the symbols of the winter and of course, of a New Year. We are used to that you can make a snowman of snow actually somewhere in the yard. But this snow-white cutie can be done at home. For example, of cotton.

Snowman of cotton is not difficult to make, and to make it we will prepare the following materials:

  • cotton;
  • soap;
  • white glue;
  • brush for drawing;
  • orange paint;
  • black beads;
  • tinsel.

A hank of cotton should be cut into pieces into a homogeneous mass.

We moisten our hands, lather them with soap and make out of cotton two balls of different diameter. After forming the balls, we give them a good dry.

Then we add just a bit of water into the white glue. We add tinsel to the resulting mass. Using the brush we smear the balls with this mixture.

We densely spin a small piece of cotton on a toothpick. Then we take off the cotton from the toothpick. Now we paint the cotton in an orange color, adding a bit of a glue. After that we give the nose of a snowman a dry.

We wet the toothpick with a glue and connect two previously prepared balls.

Now we fix a nose to the snowman and make eyes and buttons with the help of black beads. As the hands we insert thin twigs (hands can be made of cotton - the same balls).

For the snowman not to be so plain, put a cap and a scarf on him. It turns out to be a very nice creature.


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