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How to make an origami heart?

There is a moment when we fall in love and want to make a good surprise for our boy or girl. Of course, lovers do not need the reasons to make or receive a gift. We often go shopping and look for something original and unusual. What may be better than the creation of art created by yourself? For example, this might be an origami heart, is not it?

Which can be the starting?

If you think how to make an origami heart we try to divide with you. Even if you do not consider yourself a creative person, capable of creating masterpieces in this style, you cannot doubt that making a figure from the paper is not troublesome at all. Of course, this takes time, but as a result, you will get a very good product that can be complemented by any gift.

If you decide to give someone the heart, and there isn’t much time, then the paper is the simplest and relevant element for such a consequence. The newbie will conveniently work with this: it does not deform, holds the shape and is easily exposed.

The easy origami heart: steps

Building such an object is one of the very first ways to turn a part of paper into something voluminous and original. So, we offer a few steps to make a wonderful paper origami heart:

  1. Take the paper. Bend it so that an equal triangle will form. Cut off the other end. (When you’ll unbend it, you should get an even square).

  2. The origami technique is based on the bending of the paper, so we will do it. Left part of leaf press down to the right and press in the middle.

  3. Do the same movements but with the other side. That is, straighten the square and lower it horizontally: bend the lower part to the top.

  4. Turn the sheet back in front of you. Share the nether half horizontally and double up the lower horizontal line to the centre.

  5. If you turn the paper over, the average vertical bending line should be convex. Push the half of the right bottom of the workpiece to it. Make such an action on the left side. The work got the look of the wings of the plane.

  6. Turn the paper over the other side. A pocket should form at the bottom. Then bend the two uppers sideways vertically to the centre.

  7. Now bend the upper side corners as the lower pocket (to the middle).

  8. Bring together the top sharp spout of the workpiece and fold it down with the bottom spout. However, do not bend the upper leaves, which do not adhere to the base.

  9. You have to turn them around and bend like triangles.

  10. Carefully cover the part of the heart that is above, and place it in the bottom pocket.

  11. Fold the extreme upper curves diagonally.

  12. Bend horizontally down its two peaks.

  13. Now turn the folded sheet to the other side, and a little bit of a paper heart will appear in front of you!

Now you know how to make origami heart. So you can present it your second half.

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