Maria West

How To Make A Heart Out Of A Dollar

This is the easiest way to make a heart of a note. It is not the most sophisticated design but this origami will do in case you just want to impress somebody quickly!

One of the problems making this origami is that the paper is quite thick and the folds will not stick too well. Nevertheless, you can always put the heart under a thick book or some other weight.

1. Divide the note into 3 equal parts then fold the bottom third. There’s no need in measuring too precisely and some allowance will be OK.

2. Fold the note in halves and then unfold it.

3. Fold the left and the right part of the note, so that the edges were adjacent to the fold you’ve made at the Step 2

4. Flip the origami.

- Divide visually the top of the form into two equal folds.

5. Fold all 4 corners down to the middle of the line.

Flip it.

That’s how it will look if you start folding it from the other side. In case you are using rubles or some other notes you’ll have your own versions of the origami heart!


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