Hailey Parker

How To Draw A Spider Web

A spider web is a building material the base of which is natural materials produced on mobile “mini plants” in the body of a spider. Only a Spiderman knows about the true power of spider web. He lives in New York and has a morbid tendency to commit heroic deeds. All the rest spiders use spider web only for catching their food. It also serves as an element of a spider hut’s decoration. The spider that has stronger and bigger spider webs is considered to be the coolest one. How to draw a spider web with the help of a pencil?

A Step-By-Step Instruction

The first step. You need to draw a rectangle and two circles inside it – one big and one small.

The second step. We draw several lines starting from the center of the circle and to its edges. You add a small spider in the very center of the small circle.

The third step. You need to draw perpendicular lines to the ones that are already drawn. You draw them in between the already drawn lines. You keep on doing it till the spider web looks naturally.

The fourth step. Keep on drawing lines and draw bits of spider web over the edges of the big circle.

The fifth step. Draw some plants on the background.


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