Elena Ellis

How To Make A Solar System

It is evident to see a structure of planets, to plunge into the atmosphere of zero gravity, it is possible to embody children's dreams and to visit space today even without leaving the house. A hand-made solar system is an entertaining and creative process which demands a little time and the simplest materials. Using equipment of a papier-mache you will be able to create with your own hands a surprising collection of planets for an interior or for use as the visual aid at school or kindergarten.

Materials For Our Solar System:

  • eight balloons;
  • it is a lot of old newspapers;
  • paper;
  • cardboard;
  • starch and water;
  • primer;
  • acrylic paints;
  • brushes;
  • scouring sponge;
  • varnish;
  • scissors.

Fabrication Stages Of Planets:

1) Inflate spheres so that they were proportional on the relation each other and corresponded to the sizes of planets at which it is possible to look in the book or the Internet.

2) Make paste of starch and water. Mix 3 tablespoons of starch and a half a glass of cold water, and then pour in two glasses of boiled water and it is carefully mixed that there were no lumps. Wait when it cools down.

3) While paste cools down, prepare newspaper strips.

4) Dip strips into paste and paste over with them each sphere in 3 layers. Leave not stuck openings at tails of spheres. Give each layer the chance to dry out.

5) When preparations of planets have dried and paste has grabbed, it is possible to take out balls. For this purpose pierce them a needle at a tail and accurately lower a sphere. Stick the formed opening with strips from paper.

6) After planets have dried up, cover them with a primer which will help to make a surface equal. Wait for full drying of a primer.

7) Now start a prettification. Apply paint with different shades, it is desirable to put several layers. Give texture with a sponge. Each planet has to correspond to the color.

8) When the paint dries, it is possible to varnish planets. Your solar system will have a glossy appearance and further will easily look after it.

9) Make rings for one of planets. For this purpose cut out a circle from a cardboard in which a pencil draw one more circle with several fixing strips, such size that there the Saturn planet has entered. Cut out this circle too, insert Saturn into a ring and by means of glue and the fixing strips fix the planet. Decorate a ring.


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