Kaitlyn Palmer

How To Draw A Lion

You might not succeed to draw a lion at once. Take a close look at your cat and even try to draw it. Then it will be easier for you to draw a lion. Now you are going to learn how to draw a lion with a pencil.

1. Draw the head and the body’s outline

As always, begin drawing the initial shape. You need two circles for the body and a smaller one for the head. The front body-circle should be a bit bigger and overlay the head-circle. If you do the drawing step by step you can always redraw something.

2. The upper legs outline

The initial step is the most difficult step, because you are to determine the basics of the drawing. You need to draw the upper and the lower line of the body at this step. Hopefully, it won’t be a problem. The upper legs will be a bit more difficult to draw, but you need to draw them just like in the picture below.

3. How to draw the head and the legs

Let’s draw what’s easier before drawing the legs. Draw the tail and extend the upper line connecting it to the front leg. Now draw the other legs. Extend the front leg and draw a paw. Draw another leg nearby. Draw the rear legs almost similarly checking with the picture below.

Now let’s draw the lion’s head. As always, begin with the simplest parts. Divide the mouth-oval in three parts and draw a triangle above (the nose). Then draw the eyes.

4. The body, head and legs’ outline

Trace the initial outline of the rear legs with a pencil. Try to deliver the shape and don’t make them too thin or too thick. It is these very “little things” make the drawing realistic. Don’t forget to draw the tail. Then erase the unnecessary lines. You will see that the lion is almost done. You only need to draw the head and to shade the drawing.

5. Finish the drawing

Draw all the details and the background as well if you want to. Some extra details make the drawing vivid and more realistic. The shaded pencil drawing don’t need to be colored. But if you want it colorful start coloring at the step 5.

6. Crayon drawing of a lion

If you can draw a lion at once, you are a real painter. If you can’t, watch your cat and try to draw it. Lions don’t differ too much from cats except for the mane.


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