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How To Draw A Gorilla

If you need to draw a gorilla of other look, you can draw it according to a photo. Drawing of this gorilla, as well as other pictures in our website, we will draw with in pencil step by step. At the end of a lesson you can paint the picture with colored pencils or paints.

1. General contour of a body of a gorilla.

To draw a gorilla step by step, we will start with drawing of a contour of a trunk and the head. For this, first draw two ovals and a small circle for a trunk of a gorilla, and draw a little higher from ovals the circle for the head.

2. We draw contours of paws and the head.

At the top of the head contour draw one more extended oval. But we need only his top part for the drawing, it will help us to draw correctly the head of a gorilla. Gorilla stands on the picture, therefore it will be easy to draw its paws. To get easier understanding of the drawing, at the beginning best of all use simple lines which visually help you to draw proportions of a trunk, the head and paws more precisely. Now it is difficult to imagine how to draw a gorilla from these circles and ovals, but let’s continue.

3. We continue to draw paws of the gorilla.

At this stage there will be absolutely nothing to draw, but it is important to place precisely in picture a contour of paws, therefore draw these simple contours precisely. After that check the drawing of the gorilla, check the accuracy of all proportions. Couples forelegs and hind legs have to be identical both on length, and on thickness, the size of the head must be proportional to the trunk. It is possible to remove excess lines from drawing where the contours are crossing, but it is better to make it at the end of the lesson. If proportions in drawing are exact, then let’s “make alive” the drawing of the gorilla. For this it is necessary to depict contours with a pencil, so that the gorilla has a trunk. It is absolutely simple to draw it, the main thing that paws must have identical thickness.

4. General contour of the drawing of a gorilla.

Now you need to outline accurately the contours in the form of ovals circles and lines which have being made earlier, and pass over practically to the final lesson of drawing of a gorilla.

5. How to draw “a face” of a gorilla.

At this stage you need to remove all unnecessary lines from the drawing of a gorilla. Draw in details hands of paws, eyes and you will see that drawing of a gorilla is almost finished. It will be necessary only to draw a gorilla’s “face”. To draw a gorilla is not easy, but to draw its face even more difficult. Perhaps, from the first you won’t be able to draw it correctly, therefore draw with a pencil, without hard pressing it, so that it could be easier to delete and correct inexact lines. Gorilla has very unusual shape of a nose and if you are able to draw it precisely, then it will be easier to draw eyes and a mouth. It is difficult to explain with words all nuances how to draw a gorilla, compare each stage of drawing with my drawing.

6. Final stage of a lesson.

So now you have prepared the black-and-white sketch of a gorilla. The picture needs to be shaded with a pencil now or to paint with colored pencils. You shouldn’t paint with paints if you have no experience. Especially the strokes of a pencil will match very much the picture of a gorilla. It has black fur and only a palm on “hands” and legs and one more part of the body are of red color. But on this drawing we can see only front part of gorilla so it isn’t necessary to paint it.

7. Drawing of a gorilla on the graphic tablet.

The whole lesson is performed so that you could draw with a usual pencil. All previous stages have taken several minutes, and if you want to draw a gorilla “in color” it is necessary to spend the whole day.


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