Gracie Stone

How To Draw A Cactus

From this article you will learn how to draw a cactus. You can draw it looking at the monitor from time to time, or print it to make it more convenient. Follow the red line in the pictures to see what you are to draw at each step. The lines of the previous step are grey. Take a look at the pictures of each step and read the description after that. Are you ready?

1. Outline.

Draw a curve in the bottom part of the piece of paper for the top of the pot. Then add two short ones for the pot’s sides. Draw a rounded shape of one cactus.

Then add an unfinished oval for another cactus. Draw a thin long oval for the third cactus.

2. Features and the pot.

Finish the pot with curves. Draw lots of ovals all over the left cactus. Draw a circle over the middle cactus.

3. Leaves.

Draw the leaves over the highest cactus. They should look like teardrops and hearts simultaneously. Draw vertical lines along the middle cactus. Depict that the cactuses are in soil drawing some wavy lines in the pot.

4. Spikes and ridges.

Depict spikes all over the left cactus. Draw groups of wavy lines along the middle cactus. Then draw some ridges along the highest cactus.

5. Pot and contours.

Redraw the contours of the three cactuses. Then redraw the pot adding the edges.

6. Flower.

Draw a flower inside the circle. Make four small petals with wavy lines. Then draw some bigger petals behind them. Draw a small circle in the middle of the flower and make some wavy lines from the center along the petals. Then draw veins on the highest cactus’ leaves. Draw the shade on the ground.

7. Shades. Final touch.

Shade the cactus in the middle with short hatches. Shade the highest cactus with short horizontal hatches. Then shade the sides and the bottom of the pot.


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