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How To Decorate A Window For Christmas

Decoration of your house should be the number one priority for the Christmas. Some bright shiny little things, Christmas ornaments and other small but important stuff create the peculiar atmosphere of the holiday. That’s why you need to put some décor every now and then. Place something on the surfaces, shelves, fireplace, doors and windows. Today you are going to learn how to decorate a window for the Christmas to make it bright and shiny.

What You Can Do To A Window For The Christmas

You can use various things in order to do this. Try some of the following:

  • Candles;
  • Fir branches;
  • Cones;
  • Acorns;
  • Electric garlands;
  • Paper garlands;
  • Tinsel;
  • Paper snowflakes;
  • Paper patterns;
  • Ribbons;
  • Bows;
  • Beads;
  • Christmas balloons;
  • Artificial snow;
  • Some special stickers.

Window Decoration With Candles

Some tall candles in silver candlesticks may help to transform your window. To make it more harmonious put some fir branches and colorful Christmas balloons among the candlesticks.

Decorate Your Windows With Some Garlands

Do not just stretch the garlands over the window. Make it a little less orderly and regular. For example, fix the two ends to the window and leave the middle hanging freely. You can also hang a garland made of fir branches vertically and then wrap an electric one around it. The more lights there are the more cheerful and happy the atmosphere you get.

Moreover, you can buy some decorative garlands and hang them to the top of the window.

Paper Snowstorm

Snowflakes made of paper are classic. They add much to the Christmas theme. Don’t make the snowflakes of napkins. Use some paper for printer and cut the holes with a paper knife not folding the sheet. Thus, you’ll make them neat and nice. The more snowflakes you make the funnier the snowstorm will be. Then cut a piece of fishing line and glue the snowflakes to it.

Cotton Balls Snowstorm

Roll some small cotton balls. Make sure they hold the shape and apply some glue to them. Then take a fishing line, thread it through a needle and prick every cotton ball with it. Make as more lines as possible and fix them to the window.

Paper Patterns Decoration

Print some characters like cats, snowmen, birds etc. Then cut them all and fix them to the window glass with a duct tape.


You can find a great variety of Christmas stickers in stores. You only need to choose the right ones and to stick them to the window glass.


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