Elise Warren

How To Decorate Your Room

There are simple ways to decorate your room with accessories. This way it will become your personal “shelter” where you can have a good sleep and not just a place where you can have a rest. Below you’ll find various ideas on how to decorate your room. These ideas are various: from stylish and modern trends in the interior to simple advices on how to make your room your comfortable place where you feel like home.


1. Decide what elements of interior in your room are more important for you. If you like watching TV before going to sleep, consider the possibility of buying a cabinet into which you can put TV once it is turned off. If you prefer reading in your bed, make everything possible to create the most comfortable conditions for that. Add comfortable cushions and a fluffy blanket on your bed. This way your bed will become more comfortable and stylish.

2. Chose the center of your room, the most important area. In the majority of cases, a bed is considered to be such an area for the reason that this, as a rule, is the biggest item of furniture in the room.

  • Buy the most luxurious bedclothes that you can afford.
  • Choose the colours that you like. If your walls are of neutral colour, you may add a blanket and cushions of several colours and with various patterns on them. You also may paint all the walls of your room in a neutral colour and paint the wall in front of your bed in a bright colour.
  • Add bright and colourful blankets and cushions on your bed. You may easily relocate them and out them on a chair or a chest of drawers for the nighttime before you go to sleep.

3. Choose the blinds and louvers that will match your bedclothes.

4. Choose only simple pieces of art and hang on the walls only those paintings that you really like. Really serious ideas reflected in the paintings and sharp colours do not contribute to having a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Think of changing the colour of your walls if you do not like their colour anymore. It is considered that soft and light colours create a more relaxed atmosphere that contributes to having a good sleep.

6. Evaluate the lightning in your room. Replace a bright and sharp light by light bulbs that have a soft light that consume less energy. Replace broken, torn or “worn out” lampshades by the new ones.

7. Add to your room more plants in pots or a vase with fresh flowers so that to make the room itself more fresh.

8. Put colourful rugs near your bed and the door to your room. If there is an old industrial carpet on the floor in your room and you can’t afford buying a new one, try adding several rugs that will make your worn out industrial carpet look more fresh and breathe in a new life in it.

9. Combine new accessories (an uneven number of them) so that prevent any symmetry in the style of your room. Experiment with accessories of different height, colour and texture. For example, a pair of high sculptures together with a round bin with a racket pattern on it that is put on a racket patterned napkin. You may also just put several books near the vase with flowers.


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