Ana Watkins

How To Crochet A Star

Here is the master-class for you on creating a decorative star by a beading hook. The simplest elements of crocheting and some imagination let you get an exclusive ornament.

So, for creation of the crocheted masterpiece you have to prepare:

  • some yarn of red color (or other color);
  • a hook for crocheting;
  • filler (cotton wool,  fluff, synthetic winterizer);
  • beads, pastes, ribbons and everything that can be useful for these purposes.

A Star Crocheted By Hook

Crochet a red star with rhombuses. You need 12 pieces of them in your work. Make 15 rows according to the scheme.

After each row it is needed to unfurl your workpiece. Every new row must be started with slip stitch. As a result you will have the correct rhombus.

Repeat these actions of 11 more times and you will have 12 identical rhombuses.

The star is formed by two halves, everyone of which requires 6 rhombuses.

Sew up the central sides of 6 rhombuses together.

You have got two stars which must be put together. Sew up each side of the stars together, leaving one ray not sewed. Turn it inside out.

Fill your workpiece with a synthetic winterizer.

Sew up the remaining part of the star having inserted previously an eyelet for this toy into the last ray.

Apply your imagination for decorating the star to your own taste.

The toy is ready!


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