Cassidy Oliver

How To Cook Prime Rib

If you want to enjoy refined taste of meat, I advise to cook bone-in pork in oven at home. The main secret of a dish – is soy and lemon marinade which makes meat incredibly fragrant, juicy and gentle.


  • bone-in pork stake— 2 pieces;soy sauce — 50 gr.;
  • onion — 2 pieces;
  • salt and spices — to taste;
  • lemon — 1 piece.

How To Cook:

1. The secret of cooking of a stake is simple - meat should be pickled. For a start it is necessary to cut stake into two parts.

2. After that cut onions into rings. Mix juice of one lemon and soy sauce separately and pour this marinade over onions. Add seasonings and salt to your taste.

3. Leave onions with marinade for about half an hour then mix it with meat and leave for forty minutes more.

4. Only now meat can be put to an oven. Warm up it before to 200 degrees, and later lower to 170. Bake the meat about half an hour.

5. Before serving the meat you can pour soy sauce over the meat. A secret of softness of pork is in marinade (soy sauce and a lemon) which has made it so juicy and gentle. Piping hot bone-in pork made in oven will amaze flavoring receptors even of the choosy meat lover.


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