Sienna Chen

How To Cook Corn On The Grill

Baby sugar corn, some butter and the pinch of salt are everything that is necessary for cooking of this genius- simple dish. And what a delicate, sweet flavor the baby corn has. . . Yummy!


  • boiled quick-frozen baby corn 1 package;
  • butter 15 g;
  • seed oil 5 g;
  • salt to your taste.

The food stuffs, which are necessary to cook a dish.

1. Cut a corn cob into round pieces of 5 cm in high.

2. Put out the corn on a baking tray and sprinkle it with some seed oil.

3. Oil well the corn from all sides.

4. Put out the corn on a grill and fry to get a golden brown.

5. Salt it.

6. Put melted butter over the corn.

7. Place the corn into the oven heated to 180 C for 3-4 minutes.

Serve the corn for steaks or meat fried on an open fire.


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