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How To Cook Chicken Breast

Gentle and juicy chicken breast with apples is an excellent choice of an easy dinner for all family. As side dishes for such fillet, there may be served any porridge or vegetable. This gentle meat is perfectly supplemented with apple.

Description Of Cooking:

The side dishes for such chicken can be varied. Juicy chicken breast with apples is prepared simply, quickly and very easily. Try to make it in a roasting sleeve - so it will have become even more succulent. But having left in an original form, meat is covered by a golden crust. Apples give the dish pleasant sourness. So, try to make chicken breast with apples.


  • chicken breast — 1;
  • apple — 2;
  • salt and spices — to your taste.

How To Cook

1. Those, who are very fond of soft meat, will surely appreciate this recipe as chicken breast with apples is really gentle and juicy. Chicken breast should be washed, rubbed carefully with salt and spices to taste.

2. Fry the chicken breast on two sides over a slow fire and then let it to cool down a little.

3. Make some cuts across fibers and cut apples into segments. Then insert the segment of apple into each section of meat and put it in an oven heated to 180 degrees.

4. You may wrap the chicken breast in a foil or a roasting sleeve, so it will become more succulent. And having left in an original form, meat is covered by a golden crust.

5. If you serve this dish for a festive table, decorate it with greens and vegetables.


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