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How To Cook Chicken

Grilled chicken is what lots of people enjoy when we want to taste the well-done and delicious food. The crisp fried chicken with its tender and balmy meat is the dish you can cook by yourself. No need to order or purchase it in special trading points when you can cook it at home. If your oven is equipped with the grill function you save your time. However, you may use our recommendations and make the best dish of the chicken providing you have a special support to grill. Such supports are cheap and markete everywhere, you just go and look for it. For want of the special plate, you can take and use a common glass bottle. Remember! To get the tasty and delicious meat, you have to put your chicken into the oven whne it is COLD. But it applies only when you use the glass bottle as a grill plate!

What you need to grill the chicken at home:

  • chicken - 1 piece;
  • garlic - 3 pieces;
  • salt, pepper and spice – to taste;
  • hot chili pepper – as you need;
  • water – a cup.

Rinse the chicken with water. To ease the coating, dry it with the towel or paper tissue.

Prepare a mixture if the spices, pepper and salt. Apply the mixture onto the chicken skin and then leave it for a while. It takes 1 to 10 hours for the chicken to get pickled so keep it in the cold place.

If you wish, you can insert the garlic and hot chili pepper inside the chicken since tastes differ. However, garlic is used to add more flavorish taste to meat.

You’d better insert the wings into the cuts made on the outer side to avoid them bristle.

Get your support for chicken grilling. Pour some water into your plate.

Place the chicken onto the support and then, into the oven. Your oven should be heated to 200 degrees prior the chicken is put inside.

The meat will be ready to taste in 1 hour or 1 ½ hours. It depends on the chicken size.

Take it out of the oven and remove it of the plate.

Serve it as you wish.

You’d better serve the table while the chicken is hot. It is delicious and keeps all flavors.

Portion the meat and serve with any dressing you have at home. The topping may be the vegetable you prefer in any form, fresh or cooked. Fresh veggies are more preferred. Chicken goes well with tomato sauce, so keep it in mind.


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