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8 Reasons to Love Autumn

Autumn is a special time of the year! All green colors turn to golden and orange, giving the the world some sad charm. In autumn you can go picking mushrooms, rustle fallen leaves under your feet, you can walk in the rain or you can just sit at home and think about life.

Most people do not like autumn. But rejecting this stereotype, you will see how beautiful it is. So don’t get depressed and see how we can get inspired by autumn

TOP 8 reasons to love autumn:

1. Color pallete.

The most obvious and the most controversial tip. Of course, in many cities pretty carpet of golden leaves quickly turns into a muddy mess. And if it’s about your town, you only need to turn your head up, and you will plunge into an abundance of warm and vibrant colors of every autumn tree. All this beauty can’t fail to inspire!

2. Romance.

Autumn is the most romantic time of the year (not to talk about spring). The autumn chill is made for cuddles and tenderness. When the wind howled outside the window, you just want to warm up in the cozy embrace. Look for inspiration in the autumn romance. Then you do not have to meet that creative crisis.

3. A valuable lesson from the autumn.

Each year autumn teaches us another important truth: you should appreciate what you have now!

4. Harvest.

Autumn is the time when you have a chance to recharge your vitamins on the full eating your favorite fruits and vegetables. After all, these healthy and inexpensive gifts of nature will disappear soon, and in winter you will miss fresh fruits and vegetables taste.

5. Long nights.

Night is the time of day when the most unusual and entertaining ideas come to your mind. At night we can experience an incredibly powerful inspiration. There is something mysterious in the dark and silence. Fortunately, in autumn nights are much longer than usually.

6. Comfortable clothes.

In autumn no one can laugh at you if you sit in front of a computer in the old warm pajamas with children's drawings. It’s the time when we can put on a warm sweater and enjoy its comfort and softness. Autumn is about elegant coats and raincoats, bright scarves and funny hats. Let your clothes inspire you.

7. Autumn - time for books.

It seems that autumn was made for reading. So I want to cover mysef with a warm blanket, take a cup of something hot and dive into a good book. Reading lovers no longer need to come up with a reason to stay home. Bad weather outside? – Sorry, I’m busy! And now you can read without worrying that you’ll be distracted again.

8. The opportunity to be children.

Don’t judge a man playing with autumn leaves! Somehow this childish habit stays with us at any age. It helps reduce the stress and inspires you even more than other 7 ways to stay cheerful in autumn!


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