Virginia Stone

Handmade Fruity Umbrellas

Fruity. Umbrellas. So exciting!

I can’t imagine something better than going under this bright umbrella on one cold day in autumn. It’ll give you strengths to wake up in the morning and, for sure, cheer you up on a rainy day!

You need:

  • neutral umbrellas
  • painter’s tape
  • fabric-safe craft paint
  • scissors

Three beautiful umbrella ideas are for you, below!

Lemon Slice

1. Separate a section around one arm of the umbrella. It should start at the top of the umbrella and last to about a few inches section at the bottom.

2. Paint within your tape lines using white or pale yellow paint. Put off your tape.

3. Repeat this with each arm of the umbrella. It’s best to go one by one.

4. Now you’re going to create the white lemon skin around the bottom! In order to do this, place a piece of tape a few inches from the bottom on each arm (again, do it one by one).

5. Fill in with paint the entire section below your tape. Remove!

6. To give a curved look, take a small paint brush and paint a slight curve on each corner. It’ll give it a more realistic lemon look!

7. You may also curve the top of each wedge and paint in the center around the umbrella’s peak.

8. To finish your work, paint a small strip of yellow along the bottom of each arm to look like the edge of the lemon peel!


1. To paint the umbrella’s edges green like a watermelon skin, run a strip of tape a few inches from the bottom of each section. Paint everything down the tape green.

2. Now add the white! Put a piece of tape along the top edge of your green section, just below the edge. Then put a second piece of tape about an inch above it. Paint the place in between white.

3. Seeds! You’ll need a few stencils to make them.

4. Place the stencil where desired and paint with black paint.

5. Repeat with as many seeds as you want. Great!


1. To create the center of the fruit, paint a circle of white or light green around the center of your umbrella. Poke a hole through a paper plate, slip it on top of the umbrella and trace it, then freehand paint within the guideline. Then it’s time to add seeds! Cut a seed shape out of tape to make a stencil. Work around the inner circle, painting each seed black.

2. To make it done, place a piece of tape about an inch from the bottom of each umbrella arm and paint brown under your previous tape line. Done!

Don’t they look just cute? Make sure you let them dry fully before tasting them outside!

Happy crafting!


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