Handmade embroidery of tulips: master class

What can bring more of spring spirit to your home than tulips? Only those which were made by your own hands at home! If you think that it is too hard, here's a master class which will show you how to make DIY tulips from satin ribbons! Hope you will love it!

So, you will need the following materials:

- Gabardine or crepe-satin;

- About 5 meters of green satin ribbon with a 6 mm width;

- About 2 meters of green satin ribbon with a 1.5 cm width;

- About 3 meters of satin ribbons of different colors (red, yellow, orange) with a 2.5 cm width;

- A frame for embroidery or a wooden frame (of the appropriate size);

- Needles with a sharp tip and of different diameters.

Transfer the pattern to the fabric using soap or vanishing markers.

Fix the tape in the needle.

Pull the tape over yourself through the fabric and make the first petal (bottom up). Do not tighten the tape too much! The second petal is made from the top down. Thus we form a tulip from two leaves.

It is better to cut the tape after each flower, cauterizing the edge of the tape with a lighter (as if fusing the tape to the fabric).

View from the underside.

Now go to the stems. To do this, take a green ribbon 6 mm wide. We deduce a needle with a tape on the front side of an embroidery. We twist the ribbon into a flagellum and insert it into the tissue near the flower. So it turns out a thin stalk.

If necessary, you can sew the stalk in several places with the help of a thread of suitable shade.

As well as when embroidering flowers, we cut the ribbon after each stem, cauterized.

To make the leaves, you need a green satin ribbon with a 1.5 cm width. Draw the needle with the ribbon on the front side, embroider it in random order. Cauterize the cut ribbons. The result is in the picture:

Hope you've enjoyed the procces and loved the result!


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