DIY Wine Bottle Vase

Absolutely amazing way to turn into fancy vase an old bottle from wine! Handmade vase will always come in handy and also become an unordinary detail at your cozy home.
You can pick the color of threads which will suits your interior or to your favorite flowers! Also you can keep inside the vase not only flowers but kitchen stuff, pencils, brushes for your future masterpieces!
First you'll need to cut the bottle's neck.

Take your bottle, clear it from everything and dry. Put around its neck a wreath first moistened with ethanol (96%).

Set fire (on the end of wreath), scroll the bottle and wait until it will burn out. Quickly dip it in the water. The neck should fall out.

Next step: take a glue gun (or ordinary glue if you don't have one).

Put the glue on cutted edge and put a thread there.

Accurate turn the thread around the bottle until all the bottle will be in it.

Fix the end of the thread and voilà - your new handmade vase is ready!

And here's a video instruction about how to make the vase from wine bottle - follow it:


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