DIY phone case

How to make your own phone case(the easiest way in a few steps) 

Today we can`t imagine our life without digital technologies, gadgets and especially mobile phones. Telephones have become so much part of our life that we think of it like about friends. And as responsible friend we need to care about our mobiles, decorate it or even create own decoration like a DIY phone case. By the way, if we can create different cases, we can use it like some present or a gift. And we know that handmade gifts are very valuable for people, because it made with love and warmth. People understand that a person approached the situation with the creative. So I can give you my own step by step instruction how to make your own phone. I'm warning that this is the most budget variant of such decoration, because at those times I had not a lot of resources. But it also very beautiful, neatly and moreover- creatively.

Just concentrate, look and repeat...

What we need:

  • scissors,
  •   head,needle,
  • the oldest, but colorful sock, 
  •  rhinestones, beads, ribbons,
  •  good mood and a little patience.

   1. First of all, cut the socks as it shown on the image (a)

 Image a

   2. Sew the "bottom" of your future case at the A point. The segment between A and B will become a side pocket. In the middle of its upper part (point B), you need to sew a loop of thin tape. Then, sweep the two seams between points A and C to give the mold a shape. After that, bend the flap with the eyelet over the bottom seam, in the direction from B to C, and stitch the sides.

Image b

3. Your case is almost ready. Sew a large bead at the loop level; it will serve as a pocket clasp. Decorate the front side of the case with a bow of ribbon, rhinestones or pendant.

Image c

4. If the top of the sock is too wide to hold the phone, make another buckle from a large bead and tape loop or hole. In addition, you can sew on the sides of the case braid and wear it around your neck. If necessary, the braid can be filled in the side pocket, so as not to interfere.

 Final result should be probably like that...

Image d

     So you have done all of the steps, I hope you are satisfied and now your case is ready to use. I`m sure that this work is absolutely original, because no one has the same sock . You can use it for your own phone or present it for someone or even sell it and earn money on your handmade; it’s like a new startup for you.  Enjoy it! :)

 P.S. Of course if you have opportunity, desire and money you can create and make the more detailed variant of how to make phone cases. You can use a huge variety of supplies and find some different tutorials how to make your own phone case. And also it`s a good opportunity for you to develop your personal creativity skills and open your personality from new side. Share your own ideas and post tutorials with some photos, show us how create your own phone case.


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