DIY flowers from napkins

DIY flowers from napkins

  • Are you creative person?
  • Do you want to present original gifts?
  • Do you want to present happy moments for people?
  • Do you want to know how to make paper flowers easy and to teach the way how to make a rose out of napkin?

So we can teach you how to fold a napkin into a rose for your presents or your personal baubles.


  • Plain napkin
  • A little patience
  • A bit of time

     There are 2 variants how to fold a napkin into a flower: easy way and a little bit difficult.

Easy scheme how to make a flower out of a napkin

     Here is a short scheme of the simplest and the most beautiful rose. For whom the short scheme is not clear, and then there is a photo of a step-by-step instruction on which you can find out how to make napkin flowers.

     And so, read the step-by-step instruction...

Detailed instructions for twisting the flower

1. First of all, take an ordinary napkin; unfold it, to get a square with equal sides.

 2. Then mentally divide into three parts the upper half of the napkin and bend the third part.

3. Then make the bend well smooth, turn off the right upper small corner.

4. Then we smooth the fold with the finger so that the triangle does not turn back.

5. And now we take up the same area, where we wrapped the corner, with our own hands (with two fingers).

6. Clamp the napkin to the full length of the fingers, keep it at the edge.

7. Then slowly begin to twist by your own hands, first twist by one finger.

8. Do not unfold your fingers; twist the napkin further on both fingers until it ends.

9. Then keep the tip of the napkin with your thumb so that the rose does not spin back.

10. After that, fingers still do not remove from the napkin, and then with your own hands; take the edge to the beginning of the fingers of the other hand.

11. Then, without taking out your fingers, begin to twist the edge into a tight tourniquet.

12. Now hold the beginning of the rope at the base of the rose.

13. With your own hands, begin to tighten a tight tourniquet to the middle of the future stem of the rose.

14. Now begins the most interesting and slightly difficult step, you need to do everything neatly and beautifully! The remaining lower part is slightly untwisted, while the tourniquet is constantly held with your hand so that the napkin does not spin back.

15. Then the unfolded lower part is lifted upwards to the bud of the rose. Perhaps it will seem difficult, but it turns out more original than a rose without a leaf.

16. Where the tourniquet is ended, we tackle it with our own hands for this place.

17. Then from there we continue to twist the tourniquet already further to the very end. It turned out a stalk with a leaf.

18. And that's all, now we are forming a beautiful smooth rose. We correct all the details with our own hands and present them with a smile. Now you can teach another people how to fold napkins into flowers and make roses with your own hands in larger quantities and give a whole bouquet of roses.

     I think that both of these variants of  how to fold napkins into flowers and how to make a rose with a napkin are great and not so complicated and you can use it in any place and moreover very fast! Of course you can search on the Internet another ways how to make flowers out of napkins and how to make roses out of napkins.


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