Cecilia Andrews

Crochet Skirt

The size of crochet skirt: 48-54, the length of a skirt = 75 cm. You will need for a crochet skirt: 650 gr. of yarn («JAVA», 67% cotton, 33% viscose; 100 gr./158 m) and a crochet #3.

How To Crochet A Skirt

The chain of 238 chain stitch put in a circle and crochet in a circular manner the patterns according to the layouts 3.1 (= 17 rapports), 3.2 and 3.3. To adjust the length of a skirt add or diminish the number of strings in the 13-16 strings (+1 string as the 15th one), in the 22-25 strings (+1 string as the 25th) and in the 26-28 strings (+1 string as the 28th).

For the waist make 220 loops and crochet 7 cm by stockinette stitch, and finish by several strings of the additional thread. Sew up the short edges of the strip. Sew up the beginning string to the skirt by the wrong side inside out. Bend the strip in half and add open loops, crocheting the additional thread. Instead of the belt you can use the braided cord, putting it inside of the 2nd string.

Pattern Of A Crochet Skirt


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