Valeria Herrera

Crochet Rose Pattern

We’ll need:

  • Yarn of red or green colour;
  • A thin wire;
  • A sprig for the stem;
  • A glue gun;
  • An instant glue;
  • A needle and a thread of red colour;
  • Crochet №3

1. First of all, we need to make a chain of 60 chain stitches.

2. We crochet 3 turning chain stitches;

3. We need to crochet 5 triple crochets in each 3rd loop.

4. We make 3 chain stitches, 4 dc, 3 chain stitches. We need to connect the crochets.

5. Here is a “ribbon” that we have.

6. Then, we form the ribbon in a rose bouquet by twisting the beginning of the ribbon in a tight tubule (bud). We need to what’s left of the ribbon freely around the bud.

7. This is a rose we now have. However, we need 3 such like flowers to make a bouquet.

8. For each rose we need to make a stem: We clean the sprig of the bark and wrap the green yarn around it.

9. Also, we need to make sepals for the roses: We make chain stitches on a pencil (the way it is done with knitting needles). Approximately 30 chain stitches.

10. Then, we take them off the pencil and we have a “spiral” that look the following way. Tie the ends and cut off the thread.

11. Crochet the leaves according to the scheme. Foe 1 rose there should be 3-6 leaves (Appendix 2).

12. Then, we take a thin wire (20 cm). Fold it in halves and wrap green yarn around it, the way we did it with stems. We glue it to the leaves with the help of an instant glue. Connect 3-5 leaves with each other by wrapping green yarn around them.

13. The same way we connect the sprig with the leaves to the stem. We stitch roses to the stems, glue sepals under the buds (we do it around the stem with the help of the instant glue or the glue gun).

14. The same way we make 2 more roses and add them to the bouquet.

This is what a beautiful thing we have made.


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