Alicia Timblestone

Yummy Centerpieces with Sweets and Candies

If you want to make a table center colorful, cheerful, unique and delicious, nothing’s better than one made with sweets and treats. The materials needed are easy to get and also economic, so there'll save you  a fortune to decorate your tables. The materials you will require are: glass containers of any type or size. You can use a simple glass or a glass vase or a bottle or a bowl, it all depends on your budget and the amount of candy you want to put in. You will also need sweets or wrapped candy or unwrapped ones, the only important thing is that they have to be bright, have bold colors and look attractive from the first sight. And finally you need extra decorations, such as pipe cleaners, paper flowers, brochettes, balloons or prints on cardboard (attached to a wand or drinking straw). The procedure is very simple: just fill containers with candy, choose the place to put it and then add some extra decorations. Use your imagination and remember that the more colorful than the arrangement, the more impact it causes. Here you have some photos with the ideas that surely will be helpful.

Centerpiece with caramel, a lollipop and sweets in a glass vase filled with candy.

Centerpieces with pastel sugarplum candy in a glass vase with flowers on top.

Centerpiece with lollipops and candy in a glass bowl filled with sweets.

Centerpiece with candy and balloons.

Cute centerpieces with lollipops.

Centerpiece with candies, sweets and treats.

Centerpieces with tree-shaped candy.

Centerpiece in a rectangular base with lollipops.

Centerpieces with marshmallows and gumdrops.

Different models of topiary with jelly beans (marmalade). 

Centerpiece with small chocolates.

Stay inspired and have a great party!


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