Olive Delgado

Wood Plank Wine Rack

A wine rack is a thing you can definitely do without. But who doesn’t want to have one? Besides the obvious functionality, it adds some elegance, warmth and comfort to any interior. A piece of furniture like this may cost you a pretty penny, though you can make one yourself in a wink of an eye. Here’s some ideas for inspiration.

To make a wine rack like this you’ll need a few long wood planks. Make some holes for wine bottles in them. Fix the short planks from behind stairlike. The bottlenecks should be inclined a little.

It’s not necessary that wine racks could hold a great number of bottles. If you don’t have much space or you are not a huge fan of wine, you can make a wine rack for 2-4 bottles. For example, this rack in the picture can hold 3 bottles and it’s made of a cardboard tube. They use such tubes to transport large pictures and posters. Cut the tube in half and glue the halves together. Coat the surface with felt or some other fabric.

This small wine rack is made of a wooden box. There are some holes in its bottom. You can also make shelves between the rows.

It is not difficult to make a rack like this if you have the proper tools. The only challenge is to make all the holes at the same angle. Then sandpaper it, paint or varnish it and hang it on the wall.


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