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How To Make A Garter

Lace is a light and elegant material. At many wedding dresses of brides there are lacy inserts or details. Some girls want that all elements of their wedding clothes (even underwear details) have been executed in uniform style. Therefore if at a bridal outfit there is lace jewelry, then it is recommended to sew the garter corresponding to style. Lace it is better to choose soft for that.

Necessary Materials And Tools

  • meter of a wide elastic lace tape;
  • piece of a narrow satin ribbon of any color for ornament;
  • goose quills (3 pieces);
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine;
  • centimetric tape;
  • glue gun;
  • threads;
  • needle.

Creation Stages

Define the garter face.

Length of an elastic tape depends on the volume of a leg of the bride. Measure a leg by its wide part. Cut off the necessary length of a tape. Connect her edges, manually sweep together then stitch by means of the sewing machine. Preparation of a garter is ready, it was necessary to decorate it to own taste.

With a glue gun paste feathers to a basis or use at will other decorative elements.

At the basis of feathers by means of a hot glue fix a bow from a small piece of a satin ribbon. White color is invariable attribute of a wedding attire of the bride. But it is considered that in day of wedding at an image of the woman there has to be some detail of blue color. Therefore you can make a bow for the garter in this color.


Lacy garters are adored by girls and women from different countries. They ideally display romantic mood and are suitable for a role of a wedding accessory. The choice of material isn't casual, lace combines improbable tenderness and durability. Beauty of a garter is not ostentatious, but comes in the moment when she is estimated by everyone, including men, on a wedding celebration. This selection of photos will show what lacy garters are.


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