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How to Paint Doors

Painting interior doors is a good opportunity to refresh the design and save money. After all, it often happens that you have not enough money for the purchase of new doors and the old is still in good condition. Only cosmetic repair or minimal restoration is required. In addition, anyone can resuscitate the design of it. Chiefly, if you have an insurmountable desire to work qualitatively and enjoy the outcome.

Five steps to successfully painting a door with your own hands

The “old” doors, as well as modern expensive models, will most likely be made of solid wood. Make sure it's easy enough - just try to raise the door, and if it requires you a lot of physical effort (and some women cannot even lift doors), then you have a door cloth that consists of whole boards.

Externally, such doors will now be trimmed with veneer (perhaps integral rocks), and earlier (a few decades ago) they were simply painted with oil paint.

Be sure to follow the sequence of work:

  1. Painting a door of an array, from pine or any other tree should begin with the cleaning of the canvas. Remove the design from the hinges, remove all pens and locks. Clean it of the old paint or varnish. The building hair dryer can easier discharge the previous covering. The use of acetone or an attempt to wipe paint with sharp objects will not produce the expected result. Moreover, so you can damage the structure of the canvas. The using of the hair dryer will allow you to accurately remove all unnecessary.

  2. Preparing the door for painting with your own hands. The underlying surfaces, with a covering with all holes and blemishes, are preferable hold the paint and look beautiful and neat. You can process the surface with a grinder or manually polish with fine sandpaper before applying the primer. The main thing is that, as a result, you get a clean, dry and maximally smooth surface for work.

  3. Glued with painted tape all the places that you do not need to paint. For example, glass, or other inserts. Because if you’re going to draw the doors in the apartment in white or any other, you will get extra coloured divisions on these details. Painting tape will take on all the “strokes”, and after the completion of work, you can easily remove it.

  4. We apply a colour coating. In order to get the perfect surface, it is better to use two types of tools: for small areas - a brush, for large - a roller with velour napkin. You can also use sprays. This method is faster but requires special attention and care. You need only a brush if you wish to treat them with varnish after painting. Apply paint or varnish in at least two layers. If necessary, run a grinding of the already painted surface before applying the second layer. Until the canvas won’t be ideal for you.

  5. Allow it to dry completely. Only after that, you can turn it on the loop.

The profitable tips on how to paint a door without defects

Each technology hides some secrets and methods, using which, you can achieve better results. We recommend that you take into account a few practical tips from masters:

  • Apply the paint only along the fibres.

  • You can also use a wet cream for the restoration of the cloth. This is a liquid that is applied to a tree, is absorbed into it and provides a texture of another colour. How to paint a door in a liquid state? Use of this material is welcome if you want to leave a drawing of wood. To do this, apply the liquid first along the fibres, then - wide, then again along. After drying, it is necessary to polish the first layer. And again, repeat everything.

  • So that after the work of the cloth was not in the divisions, and the colour lay flat, apply the paint in several layers. First, do it from top to bottom, then from bottom to top. Always wait for the complete drying of each layer!

  • Is it possible to paint a smooth door? When it comes to the artificial surface, it’s a bad idea. The paint will be collected on the smooth surface of lumps, and the result will be unpleasantly surprised. If the material is natural - do everything according to the same technology as for a wood construction. Just decide what will be more comfortable in your situation: paint or just varnishing.

In general, you read advice on how to paint a panel door. Be sure to complete the preparation stage correctly and have patience. Do not hurry the event and do all the work strictly after the drying of each layer. Then the result will be beautiful and professional.

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