Mckenzie Simpson

How To Make An Indian Headdress

Today I will tell you, how to make an Indian headdress by yourself. By the way, the New Year performances are at hand. The Indian costume is very popular among kids. But what kind is the Indian without the headdress?

The Hand-Made Paper Indian Roach

You will need:

  • coloured paper;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

The coloured paper must be dense. You should better not take a traditional kit, but the dope dyeing paper – several sheets of the same colour.

1. Fold the sheet of paper in bellows.

2. Having made the bellows, cut out the work piece resembling the half of a feather. Leave a small straight part at the bottom – it will be a stripe at which the feathers will be attached.

3. Make small incisions from the top and up to the middle. They must not be too long, otherwise the feathers will not hold firmly on the head.

4. Unfold the feathers, you see, they are far away from each other.

5. Get the feathers a bit closer, spread the glue on the curves of the feathers (it will be cool, you use the glue stick). Press firmly.

6. If the ready work peace does not cover the front of the head, glue the same pattern on it and try on. Glue some more colourful feathers on the top.

7. Now you need to hide the places of the feathers fixation. For this cut out the coloured paper stripe and glue to the bottom of the feathers. Decorate with colourful bubbles.

8. For strings you will need the millinery elastic.

Here it is! The Indian roach is ready. Supplement the look with a trendy waistcoat or poncho and you may with confidence go to the New Year masked ball.


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