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How To Make A Lazy Susan

Creation of Lazy Susan will demand some experience in a woodworking and before starting production it is necessary to make several measurements of a dining table. If a table is round, then it is better to place Lazy Susan in the middle, leaving about 40 cm to edge. For a rectangular table it is necessary to leave about 40 cm from the "short" side of a table too. It will allow to find out as far there ready Lazy Susan has to be placed. For the majority of dining tables of the usual size, the device with a diameter from 45 to 50 cm becomes.

As soon as have decided on the sizes, it is necessary to cut out two identical circles to make the basis and the top part. Install the mechanism of bearing, in the center of one of circles to make base. Later fasten to the basis, and the top part of the mechanism, by means of bearings by 45 degrees turns. Press a pricker via one of mechanisms of assembly openings in wooden the basis under it. Repeat these actions for other openings to note four openings for a drill. Now drill each of these points, directly through base, with one side on another.

Establish base and the mechanism of bearings headfirst on the second circle from a tree. Now establish free part of the mechanism of the bearing so that free assembly openings coincided with openings in base. The screw in the second circle from a tree of which the top part, on the bearing mechanism, by means of each of four openings of base will be formed. Establish self-adhesive rubber legs over an opening to cover them and to direct to the correct way. It has to turn out evenly.

How To Decorate

Use of Lazy Susan at a formal dinner party sets the tone for the weakened informal situation. Varnishing or painting will help your creation to have a beautiful look, and it is possible to decorate it on the taste, creating design suitable to your interior.

Ornament option from plastic:


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