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How to draw hands

How to draw hands?

All we liked to draw a picture of childhood, right? However, there is a part of the human body that only a few people can draw perfectly.  It is a hand, isn’t it? Drawing hands is really very arduous. There is a joke that still lives in the walls of artistic institutions, which tells about an artist who, in order not to be ashamed, drew his hands in his pockets, and his legs in the grass. So that you do not look like this artist, we will give you tips in this article how to draw hands.

What ought you to know?

Hands are also a bulk form, and the volume is to be transmitted. But this is not the worst thing. You ought to get the extents correctly. Already in the second place is the transmission of motion, anatomical features.

It is irrevocable to grasp the stance of the hand in an angle. And for that, look for proportions. Who draw hands already knows what we are talking about.

The slightest inaccuracy and you will not get the “right” picture. And inaccuracy is noticeable half a way to the end of work.

You do not have to know how some kind of ankle is called. The hand is not amorphous material: it combines many details. Remember about the scale of the hands of the skeleton.

When you draw from nature, then surely the hand will be available and complicates your task. It will be necessary to convey the proportions of the “pictures” itself.

But from the drawing hands tutorial there is the thing you ought to know: begin such labour not separately, but as a total volume. Schedule the volume with all your fingers and then “split” into sections, highlighting each finger.

Depending on age and gender, we paint differently.

  • In the older children, small differences begin to appear, and especially between the boy's and the girl's hand. The boy's one is bigger and stronger. Muscles and bones are better viewed. The distinctive feature of a girl's hand is that they are thinner, not muscular.

  • In the drawing of children's arms, the nerves are not transmitted. They are practically not expressed so far.

  • Women's hands have distinctive features from men. But in principle as well as all parts of the body - the face, the figure, and the hands themselves. They are drawn tenderer, with tender muscles, lightly rounded surfaces, more refined.

  • For a greater sophistication of the female pen, the middle finger should be about half the length of the palm, oval nails also add sophistication. The joints are easily transmitted, can be transmitted in small pits, as in children's hands.

  • It is easier to draw the girls and women hands. Enough to add a little light lines and a little tenderness in drawing women's and children's hands. And everything will go out.

The hand drawing tutorial

There’re entire books devoted to the right topic. Despite the fact that the hands consist of a large number of small bones with accompanying all objects, human hands are surprisingly flexible and versatile.

The preferable manner to start training is to draw with a mirror. If a person wishes to find out how to draw hands step by step, he’ll have to do much research on life. Imagine a palm like a flat square shape with a curved outer edge, from which four fingers come out, and a thumb form with a flexible wedge-like shape, which extends from one side of the palm.

  1. Lines are the essence of reliability

At first, we try to draw a palm on paper. It ought to be like an oval. From it, we draw two rectangles from above one over another. So your “hand” will look like a long rounded shape rectangle. In the rectangle located in the middle, start drawing 4 lines, which will be followed by fingers. And from the bottom oval, we draw a line to the side. This will be the thumb line.

  • Draw an outline of the hand in the form of an egg. The tip of the egg will be the end of the middle finger. Next, draw a continuation of the hands, wrists and circles inside.

  • Now determine where the thumb, palm and four fingers will be. For convenience, you can draw a vertical line passing through the centre of the palm.

  • Make the contour smooth and erase the auxiliary lines.

  1. Small parts are important

We delineated the contours and then we commence to labour on the details. You cannot start without drawing small details - folds, coils, bending lines, the contour of the nail plate on each finger. These seemingly insignificant strokes will make the picture more realistic. Why ought we to begin with the bends? As already mentioned, the wrists, palms and fingers consist of many elements. They allow fingers to perform the function for which they are given to a person.

  1. Depict fingers

A drawing of details is necessary to make a discount on the individual features - not every person’s hands have harmonious proportions. Also, keep in mind that the fingers are different in length.

Each finger at the end is protected by a nail - a rigid plate, which should be painted for the realism of the image. The nail plate is another important element in solving the problem of how to paint a hand. Nails can have different shapes - from elongated almond to almost square. Fingers point to the person's age. The older the person becomes, the more clearly the traces of time appear on his hands. For example, in older people, the thickness of the fingers will be uneven - joints with age become more swollen, as a sign of years of labour and disease. Also, the joints are very visible in the thin-headed people.

  • First, from the palm of your hand, guide five lines of different sizes (about the size of the fingers we mentioned above) and in such a position in which there should be a hand.

  • Connect them in bones (draw rings). Such rings should be 3.

  • At the end of the line, draw a nail.

  • Now make a draft of fingers with a line with bones in the middle.

  1. How to draw hands in different positions?

Always in the image of the human body, you must rely on the basis of anatomy. Hands are no exception. The size of the fist, for example, is determined by the length of the bones of fingers. The rule of the golden section will be important in any position of the fingers, even squeezed into the fist. Drawing an open palm, the special attention you should pay to draw heel lines and slightly bent fingers.

If you look at a person who is in a relaxed state, you may notice that the fingers do not look straight. Fingers in a relaxed state have a bent shape!

As for the character than the form of the hand changes as well. Like a person, hands can convey character, feelings and mood. So try to practice more different types of hands!

Here are the basic tips that we recommend you an inquiry on how to draw hands tutorial:

  • The momentous in this case is to do a lot of sketches! Practice, practice and practice again!

  • Hands cannot be flat; you need to stick between fingers;

  • The children hand is always less than in adults, and the palm of the thicker, compared with fingers;

  • Girls should draw less hand; they have palms so much softer and smoother.

  • Nails in boys are much wider;

  • If you draw the hands of the elderly, you should more clearly depict the skeletons of fingers and wrinkled skin.

We use our hands every day, and we cannot imagine a life without them. Since the release of warmth and mother's goodness, the child's arms are stretched out with a cry, a request to embrace him, to calm the horror from falling into a strange unfamiliar world. And adult affectionate hands fling open to meet the lump of a new life. We do everything we can with the assist of it: eat, work and so on. Therefore, wrinkles, scratches, wounds appear over time on these parts of the body. And drawing hands is very difficult without useful information. Therefore, our tips will help you in the process of performing such a complex work.

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