Jennifer Garza

How To Draw Dogs

In this lesson we will make an attempt to explain you how to draw a dog with a pencil and show some examples. This lesson consists of 9 steps, each of which features a picture and an explanation.

You can try to copy a picture of a dog, but our aim is to learn how to paint without any models. Let’s compose the picture technically correct and simple. Position the drawing on a paper sheet first. Since the puppy is sitting diagonally, we will position the drawing slightly to the left of the centre.

Step 1. Draw a circle. It will make the head. Draw one more elliptical figure below, which will make the body.

Step 2. Sketch the legs and the snout and ‘connect’ them to the head and the body. As you can see, the basic contour of the sitting puppy is distinct.

Step 3. Draw the eyes and nose line. Outline the ears, they will be down and stick to the head.

Step 4. At this stage we are to draw eyes in detail and add wrinkles around it. It is when we should mark the lip line.

Step 5. Add details to the paws - draw the toes and the tail that is resting on the floor behind the left leg.

Step 6. To see what we have already done, erase the unneeded lines. Erase the circles and outlines.

Step 7. Draw contours and features in every detail.

Step 8. Draw the jaws and add more details to the eyes.

Step 9. Add basic shadows. Draw details and add texture to fur in places where the lines are distinct. Hatch should follow the fur direction.


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