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How To Knit Socks

Knitting on 2 needles is easier than other kinds of knitting, that is why it is recommended for beginners. Items knitted on two needles presented in this master class have no sophisticated patterns. Also, they are more comfortable for sensitive skin, since there are no seams.

Here you will find information on how to knit socks using this method and needles of medium thickness. Start working by knitting the back side of the cuff. Cast on 22 loops on both needles. Remove one needle and knit 4 cm, alternating knit stitches and purls to make the cuff (around 15 rows).

Knit 4 cm using knits.

To construct the heel, cast off the 2nd, 3rd and 2 penultimate loops in each row. Repeat until you have 12 loops in a row.

Now start casting on loops. Begin the row by knitting the first knit of each row using the edge stitch of the previous one until you have 22 stitches again. This way you will shape the heel turn.

Keep on knitting (using knits) for 8 cm more, thus making the sole.

Knit the sock the same way as you have knitted the heel: first cast off loops, leaving 12 of them, and then again cast them on until you have 22 stitches, joining the first and last stitches with the edge ones together.

Knit 8 cm of instep. The first and last stitches should be knitted to the edge stitches of the sole - thread the first loop of a row into the edge one. Then you are to knit the top part and the bottom part separately. The last loop of the top row should be threaded into the last edge stitch of the bottom one. This way you will join together the top and bottom parts.

Knit 4 cm of the instep using knits and joining together the heel and the instep the same way as you have done with the top and bottom parts. Knit 4 cm of the cuff.

Knit the second sock the same way.

Use yarns if different colours to make a pattern of multicolour stripes.


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